Paul O'Brien

Is a South African born Aussie raised surfer from the Gold Coast. Growing up, Paul was ‘different,’ he was a foreign kid who suffered from a stutter and blinking problem. When Paul first saw a James Bond film he was amazed at how slick and smooth talking the hero was and looked up to him as an impossibly cool idol. Inspired, he took speech and drama lessons, training tirelessly in multiple martial arts, bio hacking, cold therapy and breath work. O’Brien used this fuel to rise above his humble stuttering beginnings and went on to become a Logie Winning actor on Home and Away playing Summer Bay’s loveable cop Jack Holden. After four years on the hit show he’s gone on to star in many projects. - UNDERBELLY - playing Rod Miller, Action Film ‘Message Man’ Aussie flick ‘Christmas Down Under’ opposite John Jarrett and coming out this Christmas in Australia. ‘A Summer to Remember’ shot in Fiji alongside Katherine Bell (The Good Witch) and his most recent release playing the Bond inspired bad boy Brad in ‘The Spy Who Never Dies.’ Paul’s combat skills and stunt fighting have been utilised in many films, most recently in The Spy where he did all his own stunts. His other loves are being oceanside, camping, surfing, directing actors, playing G-tar, saying funny things to make his girlfriend laugh and ninja chefing for his friends.

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