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4x Sessions - Custom one to one Coaching with Paul O'Brien

4x Sessions - Custom one to one Coaching with Paul O'Brien

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Ignite Your Acting Career with Actor Accelerator (4 Pack) 


Within a month, the Four Pack provides four intensive one-hour sessions where you film, edit, and learn a scene under the guidance of your acting coach and also film a scene of your choice you can bring in. Homework missions are assigned to reinforce learning, and valuable advice on agent relations is imparted.

Remote participants need not worry – we offer the same intensive training over Zoom and assist with setting up your home studio. The Four Pack covers all the bases, from audition preparation, line delivery, scene blocking, prop use, eye line management, and character creation. All sessions are tailored to your individual needs, ensuring you get the maximum out of the program.

The cherry on top? All footage from the program is showreel quality, serving as a brilliant showcase of your talent to potential casting directors.

The Actor Accelerator 'AA' includes assistance with scene selection, personal branding, and a two filmed scenes directed by your coach, simulating real-world audition and film expectations. Can you adapt to direction? Your edited performance is reviewed using the 5 Tools, and the footage is perfect for showreel use.

Key Highlights:

✅ Acting taught like a Sport – Active and Immersive

✅ Flexible private sessions for scene filming, editing, rehearsal, audition, footage review, and agent simulation advice

So, are you ready to catapult your acting career to new heights? Join the Actor Accelerator 'AA' program at Actor Zone today and let us help you reach for the stars.

Your time is now. Act Now!

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