Why we, at Actor Zone, are the best at building your dream career in Film and T.V.

We have 'afterpay' so you can act now and pay later

The programs are specifically designed to help actors of all levels and to ‘struggling actors’ not knowing what to do. It’s designed for people who’ve tried to break into the industry, to sign with agents and still haven’t been able to get any auditions or haven’t been cast after years of waiting & wanting it so badly, but nothing seems to work? Maybe you have an agent finally yet they are not getting you great auditions? Paul can help you like many other actors before you solve these things in weeks instead of years 

Often it’s just a few things that actors need help with & Paul will help identify your tells as an actor, blockages & develop exercises to solve these issues so you can get out there 

At Actor Zone, we offer a roadmap for agents, auditions & booking roles that is simple to follow  

  • Acting taught as a sport, not a thought.
    With life principles steps & exercises be taught how to rehearse so you can take direction & get on your feet and learn through doing not breaking everything down thinking about characters

    We simulate & train for booking the agent, filming your showreel, taking headshots , the audition room & the film set.

    The 5 tools & the life steps for line learning have been developed & refined by Paul O'Brien over many years working on film sets as an actor, producer & director. I would like to show actors how to do their job correctly by acting like a pro & also knowing how we must work with the crew, director, producers & agents to be a team player on set.

  • Chris Hemsworth & Paul O'Brien (Logie Awards)

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