Why we, at Actor Zone, are the best at building your dream career in Film and T.V.

At Actor Zone, we excel in sculpting your aspiring dreams into a successful career in the Film and TV industry. Our 'afterpay' option ensures you can start chasing your dreams now and handle the financial aspect later.

Our programs are meticulously tailored to support actors across all proficiency levels and especially those feeling lost in the challenging labyrinth of the acting industry. Are you struggling to break in, despite relentless attempts to engage agents and secure auditions? Have years slipped by while you've been waiting for that dream role, with nothing to show for it? Maybe you have finally managed to find an agent, but the auditions they are securing for you are not up to par? Let Paul assist you in resolving these issues within weeks, not years, as he has done for many actors before you.

Often, there are just a few critical areas where actors need guidance. Paul will help identify your unique challenges as an actor, uncover blockages, and devise practical exercises to overcome these obstacles, enabling you to confidently step onto the stage.

At Actor Zone, we provide a clear, easy-to-follow roadmap for engaging agents, nailing auditions, and landing roles that you've always dreamed of.

  • Acting taught as a sport, not a thought.
    With life principles steps & exercises be taught how to rehearse so you can take direction & get on your feet and learn through doing not breaking everything down thinking about characters

    We simulate & train for booking the agent, filming your showreel, taking headshots , the audition room & the film set.

    The 5 tools & the life steps for line learning have been developed & refined by Paul O'Brien over many years working on film sets as an actor, producer & director. I would like to show actors how to do their job correctly by acting like a pro & also knowing how we must work with the crew, director, producers & agents to be a team player on set.

  • Chris Hemsworth & Paul O'Brien (Logie Awards)

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