Actor Zone : Train for the Audition: Plan for the Destination

Actor Zone : Live in the moment : Train for the Audition: Plan for the Destination 

Tip: You must pump up your own tires as an actor as family and friends are often jealous of people who chase their dreams, because it's a reminder they're not chasing their dreams so remember this warning... they might get frustrated or angry with you for no reason when you talk about your big dreams. 

Tip: don't tell your big ideas to small minded people or family and friends who might get triggered by you.  

So the challenge is to behave like a winner & keep your dreams a secret until you can't 

So we talk to ourselves nicely, sweet, encouraging, caring words, we think we are pretty good 👍 we are pretty amazing 😍 great even 😊 outstanding!

Give yourself a chance and talk to yourself like an athlete would. 'I am the greatest' 

How will we define what Flow should feel like for you when it arrives as an Actor? 

When Acting is apart of your life? It's easy and you have fun acting

 *Let’s notice:  

That feeling when you bounce out of bed in the morning and life feels exciting, like it could be a dream, that what you are doing has magic and time evaporates, it needs no validation from others, you can feel yourself getting more confidence , growing and improving, often it feels like a dream or you are floating, you could do it for free, time evaporates, you feel whole. 

I’m going to call that FLOW.  

Exercise : You have one job today. 

To ‘Find your own Flow ‘ where is it ? 

Journal: Take some notes with a pad and pen 

Give yourself a chance, take some time to be still, sit in the sun, sit in nature or by the ocean and take some deep breathes and visualise yourself winning, talk to yourself like you are an amazing person for a moment, an hour or even a day. Imagine you are a genius. Imagine you are content and happy. Imagine that you been born is actually a miracle and the odds would suggest it's so hard to be born into this world that surely you are here for a reason. Act as though you already have everything you want in this morning meditation for 2min - 20min 

Compliment yourself on how you look and feel and how great your life is. Fake it until you become it. Just like water changes temperature slowly you too can change in the same ways. 

This can be hard when we are taught to put ourselves down, without thinking. The weeds of negativity start with negative self talk. We think and talk words like I probably won’t get the role or win gold and we think this is going to keep us safe. That’s bullshit! 

The best athletes in the world are not talking badly to themselves when they win 🥇 gold. 


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