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Single Session - Actor Fire Starter

Single Session - Actor Fire Starter

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Do you have an acting emergency? Have you been going to auditions and not getting any callback? Do you think your agent is dropping the ball? Do you have no idea what you are doing wrong? Desire to act but no idea where to start?

You need a Single Session!

You'll get questions and answers on where you have gone wrong previously and how to turn it around. It's the perfect gift card for any wanna-be actors you might know. Or, if you are curious about acting, this is a great way to get started.

Single Session will give you the roadmap you need to succeed in the exciting world of acting!

The Single Session is wonderful for people who have a desire to act in films, but can't seem to get started. You'll talk to professional actors who have already walked the path you're about to embark on. They'll share their insights and advice on how to get started in the industry, and answer any questions you have about whether acting is the right career choice for you.

The Single Session is designed for actors at any level who need some advice and spark to get back on their feet as a successful performer in show business or just looking towards getting started with auditions again after taking time off due to other commitments.

A fire starts from just one match catching flame so let us help that happen by offering this package tailored uniquely around what's best suited specifically FOR YOU!!!

A one-hour, private one-to-one coaching session with an Actor Zone facilitator is great for Pro actors and beginners, assessment agents, public speakers, presenters, models, extras, theatre actors, people who don't want to work in the office in their entire life. We can also facilitate headshots and edit old footage you have together in this session.

One-to-one custom acting coaching session

✅ Acting taught as a Sport 🏀

The dreamer in all of us has a chance to come true. Get into that "actor zone" and make your dreams happen!

1 hour of Power with your coach (either through Zoom or in-person session in our Melbourne station)
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