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Showreel & Transformation Package

Showreel & Transformation Package

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Showreel and Agent-focused habits for going Pro MAX

The Showreel Package is for serious actors who want to make their showreels stand out from the competition. The agent-focused habits will teach you how to market yourself as a business with film makers, so that when you reach casting directors and agents, you have all the necessary tools at hand!

This is not going to be easy. There are a lot of challenges and things you need on your own throughout this intense 12-week Showreel & Transformation package, but we're here for all the upsides! We'll guide you through self-doubts as well as fears so that when this program ends, you will have won over any remaining skepticism about what it takes top projects into stardom today and get consideration.

"The transformation package is truly amazing! I can't believe it, am I dreaming?" said Marjan. She had just booked an agent with BGM and successfully worked on a big production throughout her first time using the program.

Most actors take years to get a showreel and an agent together. Then, when the first audition comes around, they fail in front of all those people!  Not if you do this program - with automated habits for success on set!

Be ready, Yesterday!

Give yourself a chance, join the transformation station. This is the place for actors who want to get better at their craft, like YOU!

You'll start with what you want as an actor and develop strategies with your coach to achieve this week by week. The transformation package will help you to show reel yourself to the film makers you love.

✅Acting taught as a Sport 🏀

 Agent simulation advice from previous students who have gone Pro and started out where you are now, who are now auditioning for life-changing roles every month.

What you will learn: 

  • Exercises for peak performance and zen-like focus
  • Confidence for performance anxiety
  • 16 x private one-to-one coaching sessions
  • 4 to 5 Filmed scenes
  • Learning Lines using 5:3 Life steps
  • A Showreel, Edited and Directed by a professional coach 
  • Actor profile set up and cover letter
  • Agent simulation training 
  • Mindset and exercises to Love and respect yourself more as an Actor
  • Casting, we help you in finding your brand & showreel scenes that will get you noticed 
  • Bio hacks including fasting and breathe work for confidence 
  • Intro to Body language, micro expressions, blocking & props 
  • How to take direction on film
  • A showreel and library of scenes is how the industry finds Actors and opportunities for auditions to happen. Instead of a callback, roles can be cast and offered just by looking at your library of scenes

The things that make up your dreams and goals only become true when achieved through great habits on and off camera!

Don't wait any longer, join us today and start transforming yourself into the actor you've always wanted to be.

👇 Act now and go Pro! 👇

Showreel & Transformation Package (16 sessions x 1hr) in 12 weeks to produce your first reel. Let's go Pro!

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